🌹Zynga's office, billionaires, learn to code

Rent loans, walnut scrub, & leftist hypocrisy

Losing limbs, tipping, Adam Smith's mother

Domain name colonialism, regulation, customer happiness

🌹996.ICU, economic inequality, work

🌹Borrowing ebooks, better billboards, Intuit lobbying

Workplace surveillance, Peter Thiel, and gratitude politics

Honest job ads, npm layoffs, and reforming capitalism

🌹Misappropriating unions, Lyft's IPO, Instagram influencers

Financial assets, a union at Kickstarter, and millennial outliers

🌹 Meritocracy, UBI, and tech company ethics

🌹Class denialism, payday loans, freedom

🌹Silicon Valley, advertising and what is democracy?


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tech, socialism, and the growing list of reasons to abolish silicon valley